The Park de Sceaux celebrates the cherry blossoms

The Park de Sceaux celebrates the cherry blossoms

Sunday 21st of April the Park de Sceaux welcomes you to celebrate one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan: the Hanami.

Hanami is the spring festival celebrated by the Japanese. In the spring, when the cherry blossoms (sakura) bloom, everyone is gathering under the trees to picnic, celebrate and sing.

Come participate in a great festive picnic and that will make you travel. A guaranteed change of scenery next to Paris!

The program includes shows, concerts and workshops for adults and children. For the most gourmet do not hesitate to taste the specialties of the food truck Peko-Peko.

Do not miss this 100% Japanese event and take part in the celebration as if you were traveling in Japan.


Parc de Sceaux

8 Avenue Claude Perrault

92330 Sceaux