The Eiffel Turenne

The Eiffel Turenne is not a ‘themed’ hotel. By definition such establishments tend towards the pretentious and ostentatious and can quickly seem dated.
We wish our hotel to be timeless, yet at the same time contemporary, inviting and warm.

The fine quality materials used in our hotel’s décor and furnishings are enhanced by the omnipresent photographic art on our walls,
which pays homage to femininity and the architecture of Paris.

Kourtney Roy, Laura Stevens, Benjamin Deroche, Wicktor Franko, and Edouart Mazaret are the 5 artists we selected to decorate each of our 34 rooms with different, original works. They bring to this hotel a unique soul, mingling sensuality with their personal perspectives. Each room thus becomes an experience, a point of view...

The same attention to detail and visual harmony is provided in our reception and lobby, which have the additional qualities of vibrancy and vitality.

Our manager, Emma, is delighted to offer you an impeccable level of service in the midst of an ambience that is always positive and dynamic.

The Hotel Eiffel Turenne will instantly seduce you and make you feel good...


Start your day on a gourmet note!

Drop into our cosy little salon any time between 6:30 and 11:30.

We have taken care to prepare for you a complete and tempting breakfast on tray, respecting Covid19 saniraty rules: viennoiseries and French jams, fresh fruit salad, cheese platters and charcuterie for those who love savoury as well as sweet delicacies...
Everything has been thought of to delight all kinds of appetites, whether large or small!

There is also the option of having breakfast served in your room.
All you need to do is hang your order on the handle of your door.

Breakfast on tray : €12

Where to DINER?

There are many restaurants near our hotel!

Do not hesitate to ask us, our team will advise you according to your desires.

 If you don’t want to go out to a restaurant, from 19h00 we put at your disposal the necessary equipment to warm your dishes and have diner indoors.

Like at home!



Cutlery etc ...


If you haven’t brought your computer with you, no worries!

We’ll happily lend you a little computeur to use in our attractive library.


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